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Cultural influences in terms of design and materials, quality, endurance and ergonomic tests as well as the huge importance we give to each detail have always been the main point for developing our products. I often reiterate to our customers, the difference between a great product and a ordinary one, is the detail. This requires research and the cooperation with the designers, the comparison with the technical department , team work, the stylistic consistency, the attention to the costs and consequently the aim of industrialization of the product to achieve the maximum in quality.
Sandro Tonon
Since 1926 Tonon is continued to be a well-known international brand in the world of seating, reliable and synonymous with design and quality MADE IN ITALY. Characterizing features that come from the past: their origins date back to the twenties , include years of careful and creative manufacturing. Even after the industrialization of the fifties, the pleasure of thinking and making never ended . Tonon today bases itself on research and development, on new materials and technologies, with a craftsman’s heart and an industrial mind.
Behind every product stays a face.
Important international architects are developing together with us proposals for the domestic and commercial markets. Professional people with different culture backgrounds create our seating collections with great aesthetic and functional sensitivity and this in harmony with the declared Tonon philosophy: to present products for international markets
Already in the fifties the founder Alberto Tonon had as aim to produce products with a sophisticated design, this mission has remained over the years.
The confirmation are the received International design awards over the last years.
In parallel to the organization of the standard production, in Tonon we have a team which responds to the continuous and increasing demand of customized products, especially in the HORECA business (hotels, restaurants, cafeterias). Tonon is able to collaborate efficiently with the customers and with the design studios, creating new product versions.
Tonon customers are found all over the world.
Our sales office together with our export managers and agents are doing the best to assist our customers.
Certification FSC
Environmentally appropriate forest management ensures that the harvest of timber and non-timber products maintains the forest's biodiversity, productivity, and ecological processe

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