Ltd Tekstiil Ruumis
Ida str 25 12112 Tallinn Estonia
Phone: +3725218479

Studio Tekstiil Ruumis invents and manufactures interior textiles, people-friendly and long lasting. Uses natural materials and dignified technologies. Combines masterful craftsmanship with modern manufacturing facilities. Adds a wider dimension to the idea of textiles, through the use of materials and function. Values the design that incorporates the needs, aesthetics and functionality.
Tekstiil Ruumis is the design studio, which offers expertise in textile design, owns knowledge and skills in product development, offers final solutions and collaborative projects.

Studios product range is characterized by a Nordic minimalism.
The product range includes a series of products, which can be found in different interior design shops and galleries. There is a constant work of new product developments and special projects.

Ltd Tekstiil Ruumis has been operating since 2002 in Tallinn, Estonia, run by the textile designer Monika Järg.

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