Taiwan Lung Meng Technology Co., Ltd
No.24, Beishizhou, Shanshang Dist 743 Tainan City Taiwan
Phone: +886 6 2423888

Taiwan Lung Meng
Technology (TLMT) is the leading pioneer of stone paper making manufacturer. TLMT was originated as a machinery manufacturer. In
1990, the company started the R&D in stone paper making machinery. After
many trials and error, TLMT finally discovered a unique papermaking technology in
1998 via the exclusive employment of a blend of 80% mineral powder and a small
infusion of non-toxic resin and was able to mass produce such high mineral
paper. Since 17 years of TLMT ‘s advancement in stone paper making technology,
the innovative paper making has gained patents
in over 40 countries including Australia, Canada, China, Europe, USA, and South

makes active contributions to protect our environment, the breathtaking
inventions of “TLMT Eco-Friendly Paper Products” which is 100%
tree-free, and its evolutionary paper making technology is one of the environmental sustainability
solutions. Stone paper-making process requires no water, no bleach, no acid, and
no alkali, which creates zero water pollution and harmful gaseous wastes.

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