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About Taiwan Lighting

When the global lighting industry enters a green energy “energy-saving and carbon-reducing” era, LED leads the sector, bringing about a revolutionary cyclone of new light source, and become the new mainstream in a new era. Taiwan Lighting Co., Ltd. is dedicated to innovation and R&D, with a view to make LED not only a low-power, low-wattage back-light source and general lighting function, but also to seek innovation, providing world-leading unique heat induction technology for full-scale production “H power”, 「H luminosity」 and “low energy consumption” LED lighting full series products and equipment, enhances LED efficiency and applications. Our LED products not only have a light source, color temperature, color rendering quality and will satisfy consumer public’s demand, but will also replace conventional lighting. Meanwhile, we have a solid design team to produce LED beautifully styled lamps and lighting decorations, and provide consumers with fresh, brighter and comfortable lighting enjoyment. Taiwan Lighting hopes that we can make history, welcome a new lighting era, lead our brand of excellence that lasted for more than a half century – ”Xu Guang” to explore the future and continue to emit light for the next five decades, and shine throughout the world.

Save energy, create energy and shine throughout the world.

“Eye the future. Shine throughout the world” is a business prospect that Taiwan Lighting Company has been adhering to. We are marching toward three major goals of “internationalization”, “environmental friendliness” and “exquisiteness”, hoping that Xu Guang brand will continue to be the first brand in our customers’ heart. Meanwhile, we hope to contribute our effort to worldwide lighting, to love our earth in this age of exhausted energy sources, and to realize our social commitment to reduce carbon and protect our environment.

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