Studio Jinhyun Jeon

Studio Jinhyun Jeon held interest in joined perception, which is when one of senses carries the ability of other senses. On the project ‘Tableware as Sensory Stimuli’, the experimental research explores by engaging with synesthetic effects as a source of design insight, which impacts on latent sensory ability and challenges social thought pattern.

Jeon, as a founder and designer, aims to see how it is possible to induce non-synesthetic experiences in people without this condition and how we create the awareness around this phenomenon to stimulate our sensory experience by manipulating us to make further use of our senses.

Through the participation workshops, performances, and the collaboration with Michelin awarded restaurants, museums, hotels in the Netherlands, the U.K. and abroad, Jeon aims to create enhanced intuitive sensory experience via sensory stimuli, exploring as 'synesthesia-like-mapping' for constant daily use, for general people . It would lead by teasing or training our body where is processed in the brain.

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