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How it all began…
The story begins in the early 1920s when all the hard work had to be done by hand and power tools were unheard of. Until, that is, American inventor, Edmond Michel, decided that hard work should be easier. In 1923, he developed the world's first electrically powered handsaw. On reading about the invention in a newspaper, Joseph Sullivan set out to find Edmond, and together they worked on how they could mass-produce the new handsaw. Their revolutionary saw was christened the 'Skilsaw'.
The Michel Electric HandSaw Company was born in 1924. After one year they changed their company name to Skilsaw Inc.
In the 1950s, the company changed its name again, becoming the Skil Corporation, and expanded outside its native borders for the first time. Skilsaw remained the brand name used for the company's products.
From the 1970s onwards, Skil constructed a network of factories, service centres and sales offices all around the world, its name becoming synonymous with power tools.
The growth of Skil increased even further after the take-over by Bosch in 1996.
Since last 10 years, SKIL Latin America is focus on the Independent Professional.
Skil Tools really are products of the 21st century. This company has grown through innovation and a commitment to producing high-quality power tools. These are the strengths we will carry forward into the future.
Skil is the most reliable Power Tool brand with the Best relation Value for Money for self-employed Professionals

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