RND+ is a company for design and consulting in the field of mostly innovative products to meet the needs of global customers and partners. High reliability and excellent cost due to control of supply chain and integrated production line. Improved and advanced design concept to requirement of environment, living condition and rules. Optimization of product performance and manufacturing process through a commitiment to the design and RND.
Our goal to do design optimized product along with ease of use and high return on investment of valuable customers. Among RND+ policy, customer saticfaction is high on our list of priority.

RND+ Brand ‘WNcart’ was the established based on the needs from customers and wants from artist about each product respectively. Designer hope design-oriented products as special valuable and memorable, while Artist want customer to have necessary his work.
On this view point, designer and artist agreed to make special item needs as ‘Dachshund Lamp’ with tail of cable, which make customers deep love story with animation.
This item give us emotionsl mind and feel present through exhibition,sales and presents.

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