Radiatori 2000 SpA http://www.radiatori2000.it

An alchemical laboratory, where end-of-life items are transformed into finely designedproducts built to the highest quality standards. Radiatori 2000 Spa, the Bergamo-basedcompany that during the last decade has worked successfully in the field of die-castaluminium radiators and has become a world leader in this sector, with its Radiatori 2000and Ridea brands offers a wide range of thermo-hydraulic solutions designed to meet therequirements of the most demanding customers, who seek maximum energy efficiencyand are aware of the latest interior design trends.Radiatori 2000 Spa with its brands is a member of the Fecs industrial Group (FoglieniGroup), that, together with Stemin Spa, a leader in the recycling and treatment of ferrousand non ferrous metals, and Imt Italia srl, a company specialising in the marketing ofaluminium ingots and semi-finished products manufactured in-house or by externalproducers, has given life to a verticalised industrial system, which is self-sufficient and canhandle most effectively each and every stage of radiator production: from the salvage ofscrap metal obtained from the separate collection of waste materials or the dismantling ofend-of-life vehicles and appliances, up to the realisation of the finished product, ready tobe installed.

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