PocketBook International S.A.
Crocicchio Cortogna, 6 6900 Lugano Switzerland
Phone: 0800-187-3003

Founded in 2007, PocketBook is one of the world leading producers of multifunctional electronic devices based on E Ink technology as well as Android-based tablets under PocketBook trademark and branded accessories. The company belongs to the world leading e-reader manufacturers. By today, over 1,500,000 PocketBook devices have been sold in more than 24 countries all over the world: Russia and CIS markets, Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia. PocketBook is the bestselling e-reader in CIS countries and is one of the five bestsellers in the Western Europe.

The key unique features of PocketBook multifunctional electronic devices are unique design and tailor-made software, support of all e-book formats, simple multilingual interface and pre-installed content.

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