Pan Oston
Praamstraat 15 8102 HM Raalte The Netherlands
Phone: +31 572 - 35 77 55

Bluefire kiosk

Bluefire is a highly customizable interactive kiosk. It is designed to simplify and speed up the interactive customer process in the most intuitive way. The standard, but adjustable (hardware) configurations are ready for checking out, self-order, registration, gaming and betting, ticketing and many more.

Corné van Braak, Head of Consultancy & Design Pan Oston; “ Bluefire kiosk is designed to create a seamless consumer experience. The Red Dot Design award is supportive of our strategy to define the future of consumer transactions. Driven to simplify self-service in every aspect, all our products are developed with the retailer, consumer and future technology in mind.”

Interactive kiosk by Pan Oston

Imagine improving interaction, service, loyalty and even sales. The interactive kiosk from Pan Oston can give you exactly that. Such a terminal is the opportunity to improve customer experience and flow. It can be fully integrated into your omnichannel,- store or organization strategy.

As a market leader with 45 year of experience in checking out and self-service solutions, we offer you the best design for a customized interactive kiosk. We take care of the entire process from start to finish, including concept design, production, hard- and software, implementation, support and maintenance.

Our product portfolio includes kiosk solutions for information, paying, self-ordering, digital reception, registration, digital signage.

‘Simplify your selfservice with an interactive kiosk from Pan Oston’

Pan Oston company profile

Pan Oston is a market leader in checking-out, interactive self-service terminals and kiosk systems. Innovation and design drives us. It is deeply embedded in our DNA. The rapid changes in the market inspires us to further develop our products regarding Payment, Information, Transaction and Reception. In everyday life, everyone regularly comes across the products that are designed and produced by Pan Oston. The cash counters, express counters, self-service and kiosk systems can be found at many supermarkets, discount stores, DIY stores, garden centers and fashion stores.

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