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OUT OF STOCK was founded in 2007 by a group of four innocent but passionate teenagers for design and furniture. They joined together because of their fervent passion and affection towards quality, comfortable and stylish home furniture design. At the very beginning, the four of them had never planned and thought of establishing a renowned furniture brand which belonged to them in Hong Kong, and were only interested in sharing what they were fond of with people.

They then began to explore the Nordic furniture and got amused with its beauty; with their dedication, commitment and passion for good quality and stylish furniture, they gradually developed OUT OF STOCK as a furniture design firm and manufacturer that conserves the traditional values and inspirations of Nordic
furniture design but sharing a bond relevant for today to produce furniture of lasting value.

OUT OF STOCK began to capture the eyes in the upholstery industry after taking part in several international ifestyle living and furniture exhibitions in Hong Kong, the mainland China (Guangzhou) and Japan. Since 2010, they started to export quality products to overseas markets including Taiwan, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, etc. The products also started to appear in exclusive private residences, prestigious service apartments, some popular boutiques and restaurants and business offices around the world with clients including Greyhound, Christian Louboutin, Lane Crawford, Starbucks and Cole Hann to name but a few.

Today, OUT OF STOCK continues to create home furniture that roots in traditional Nordic design elements. Special attention is always placed to the choice of the best material, favourable colour and sound workmanship to ensure the furniture is of the best quality and long lasting, which at the same time handsome to look at and bringing unique character to a home living space.

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