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Phone: +886-2-2521-8488
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Outerspace was established in July. 2007, with a capital of 140,000NTD; and produced its first T-shirt series.
3 direct selling stores (domestic / overseas)、12 online channels (domestic / overseas)
Expanded to 36 domestic authorized dealers、Expanded to 17 overseas authorized dealers
2010 Annual revenue: 40,000,000NTD (5,000,000NTD overseas)
2011 – 2012 Stable sales in Taiwan, with overseas markets expanding

Brand Slogan: Creativity is your super power!
OUTERSPACE Official Web Site www.outerspace.com.tw
All clothing can have a MADE IN SOMEWHERE tag, but what about the thoughts, creativity, design, and brain juice? Therefore, instead of labeling our brand MADE IN any country, we use MADE IN OUTERSPACE, where thoughts could be limitless.
In the beginning, Outerspace sold clothes on a homemade website. With our unique and creative style, we emphasized that a T-shirt is not just a T-shirt; besides being something that covers our body, it could be interactive and entertaining. In less than two years, our brand became extremely popular in Taiwan, especially among the younger generation.
T-shirts originated from the U.S. Navy in the early 20th century. In the 70’s and the 80’s, punks wrote judgmental slogans on T-shirts, also known as “slogan tees”, which became the canvas for artists to express themselves. In recent years, logo tees by major franchises has turned people into walking advertisements.
Besides the things mentioned above, are there other possibilities?
OUTERSPACE is the extreme sports player in the field of designing; it is our hope to create fun designs that are Interactive between you and me, making our products more than what they are with endless creativities.

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