Kongebakken 9 2765 Smørum Denmark

500 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss. Through passion, dedication and professional expertise Oticon develops and manufactures hearing aids to improve and enhance the lives of those with hearing loss. We pride ourselves on developing some of the most innovative hearing aids in the market, including the Oticon Opn™, the world’s first hearing aid that connects to and interacts with the Internet via the IFTTT network. This means that Opn™ can connect with a multitude of smart devices such as door bells, ovens and of course smartphones with a potential limited only by imagination. Thanks to over 20 years of research into BrainHearing™ resulting in ground-breaking hearing technologies, Opn™ enables people with hearing loss to enjoy restaurants, cafes and bars without enduring a constant battle with background noise and multiple speakers. By keeping the mind active and healthy through social interaction, Opn™ wearers potentially reduce the risk of health problems, including the early onset of dementia. Oticon has also designed the HearingFitness™ app to help Opn™ wearers understand how their behaviour and hearing habits can influence how effective their treatment is and the impact it has on their overall health and well-being.


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