Organic Response

Organic Response is a revolutionary lighting control system using Distributed Intelligence to deliver maximum energy savings and optimal occupancy comfort. The solution is globally unique, removing the barriers that have previously prevented advanced lighting control from achieving greater market penetration. A key benefit is that the technology requires no additional design, hardware, wiring or commissioning to install.

To compliment the technology the Melbourne-based Company has a highly innovative and clearly identified commercialisation strategy based around a global Strategic Technology Alliance (STA) with leading lighting manufacturers around the world. As members of the STA, partners secure the rights to integrate Organic Response technology into their luminaire ranges, and market them as "Organic Response Enabled". The COmpany has already signed up seven Australian and three European lighting manufacturers to the STA.

As a hybrid of the Intel and Bluetooth models, the STA aims to define a new global standard, not just for lighting control, but for the collection and dissemination of occupancy information in the built environment. Organic Response lighting control continuously generates real time, location specific occupancy information that can be accessed by other building management systems, thereby allowing them to make more intelligent decisions and save even more energy.

The Company's stated five year goal is “to turn on a light in every country in the world”.

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