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Ophardt R+D scores at the red dot award! The Winner: OP-SHIPP Module 11909
The OP-SHIPP Module 11909 was awarded the prestigious "red dot award-honourable mention: Product-Design 2013" for its very detailed design solution. The OP-SHIPP Module 11909 won its award in the "Automotive & Transport" category from within a field of 4662 entries from 54 countries. With this achievement the Duisburg shipyard successfully competed against established players of the automotive industry. This success is significant for the German boatbuilding industry. In particular, the 37 jurors praised the sophisticated and innovative design of the OP-SHIPP Module 11909. Ophardt-Maritim Naval Architecture using a Modular System – The aluminium OP-SHIPP Module (Series Hull Integrated Precision Platform) is part of a modular system that will be used as a universal platform for the boat building industry. The goal is to reduce production costs and manufacturing time while affording shipyards the opportunity to build a variety of high quality vessels. The Ophardt R+D shipyard develops and manufactures the fully functional system solution using sea-grade aluminium. The complete modular system solution consists of a standard aluminium hull with an aft deck attached via a flanged connection. The module is integrated with propulsion system with hydraulic steering, a foredeck with a dual anchor configuration, a dual tank system, and an aluminium interior floor along with a twin flange system to accommodate the superstructure. All components meet all the required safety factors, optimized performance characteristics and quality standards. The OP-SHIPP Module system is available to shipyards on a “just in time” basis at a competitive price, both domestically and abroad. This allows boat builders to concentrate on the superstrukture. The OP-SHIPP Module was developed with the future of the boat industry in mind. There has been a growing demand in the industry for developing modern manufacturing methods and sustainable products and processes. “For these reasons we consciously chose to use aluminium” says Hermann Ophardt, CEO of Ophardt R&D. According to Ophardt, “Lightweight aluminium structures are being successfully implemented in automobiles and airplanes. In boat building this success has not yet been apparent. This intelligent "platform solution" has now been recognized with a second award. Within the framework of the Aluminium 2012 tradeshow the OP-SHIPP Module was chosen as winner.

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