Ole Nielsen
Engager 3 2605 Brøndby Denmark
Phone: 33221077

MONSTRUM creates thematic playgrounds that fascinate and inspire both adults and children. All our playground elements are handmade and made of wood at our workshop in Brøndby. Our skilled craftsmen and designers work closely together throughout the process to ensure that our playgrounds and playelements are fun, safe and unique.

Based on visual arts and design, we make playgrounds that not only can be climbed, slipped or swung in, but also create play in a room where there is plenty of space for the imagination.

MONSTRUM believes that good playgrounds reflect the world. Children should be allowed to experience danger and feel the rush in the stomach that belongs to when taking a chance and happily landing well on the legs again. But the motor challenge must of course take place in a safe environment.

Why play on a climbing frame if you can play in a moon roof, a submarine, a giant snail house, a clown head or a Trojan horse?

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