Mattiussi Ecologia S.p.A.
via J. Linussio 80 33100 Udine Italy
Phone: +39 0432 531521
Fax: +39 0432 530727

For thirty years Mattiussi Ecologia has been designing containers and integrated systems for sorted waste collection. Next to Nature is a concept by Mattiussi Ecologia. It is a line of products with a strong eco-friendly identity, dedicated entirely to indoor sorted waste collection. Products include Max, a trendsetter and icon of sorted waste collection, now also available as an all-rounder, Easy, the ultimate evolution of the species for indoor collection, Umi, the under-counter container for food waste collection, also available in post-consumer material, Poly, a modular mini-system for home or office sorting use, and Steely, a powder-coated sheet steel version, to furnish communal indoor waste collection spaces. But the world preview pieces offering a superlative illustration of the new Next to Nature concept are two products at the leading edge in the fusion of design and sustainability. These are NX 01 – My Personal Recycler (dedicated to sorted waste collection in the workplace) and NX 02 – My Recycling Organizer (designed for the organisation of waste collection for the domestic and contract spheres) which combine handsome good looks with distinctive elegant details and genuinely practical features.

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