LittleBig Bikes

No more quickly outgrown bikes or new and expensive replacements, LittleBig adapts to your growing child’s needs! Designed in Ireland, the LittleBig begins as a pedal-less balance bike for a 2 year old. No need for stabilisers, balance bikes allow kids to glide along effortlessly while quickly developing their coordination and motor skills. Once the child grows out of the little balance bike, the rear of the frame can be inverted, transforming the LittleBig into bigger balance bike with a higher saddle and longer arm reach. Ready to begin pedalling? Adding the separate pedal and crank attachment to the balance bike converts it into a proper pedal bike, suitable for kids up to age 7.

At LittleBig bikes, we aim to use innovative design and quality manufacturing to balance value, function, aesthetics and sustainability by:
– offering customers value for money with our long lasting, high quality 3-in-1 balance bike to pedal bike which, uniquely, grows with your child.
– giving children with the means to develop their cycling skills safely so they can ride without assistance earlier than normal, thus getting the most out of their cycling experience.
– reducing material consumption by replacing the multiple bikes that would traditionally be bought, used, then discarded.
– ensuring 100% customers satisfaction with our long term warranty, money back guarantee and personal customer service.

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