Leister Technologies AG
Galileo-Strasse 10 6056 Kaegiswil Switzerland

Leister Technologies AG is a long-established Swiss company belonging to the Leister Group that prides itself on lasting customer satisfaction. The highest product quality, continuous innovation, extensive experience among its employees and outstanding services are clear benchmarks for this.

Leister has been a world leader in plastics processing with hot air and hot-wedge technology for over 60 years. Leister Technologies AG provides solutions for professional applications in its product portfolio. To make sure customers can always rely on the renowned Leister quality, the company develops and produces all products and accessory parts in Switzerland in compliance with the strict ISO 9001 standard. 95 % of its products are exported. Leister maintains a tight network of over 120 sales and service centers throughout the world. This network comprises independent sales partners and national companies belonging to the Leister Group. This ensures and guarantees consistent quality and competent services right through to the end customer.

The classic product portfolio of the Leister Group is subject to continuous further development and has been extended by high-tech machines and components involving laser and micro-technology for some years now. Leister Laser Systems produces powerful and trendsetting laser welding systems for plastics. Axetris AG develops and produces laser gas detectors, micro-optics, mass flow rate sensors and infra- red sources for industry.

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