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Labware was founded in 1995 out of an insight and a keen pioneering spirit that sought to challenge existing technology in order to bring an innovative idea to life: replacing the pen and pad for taking restaurant orders with a handheld computer using a wireless link. And at a time when wireless handheld computers did not even exist.
The established network of suppliers and associated electronics industry activities in the region made it possible to set up the production chain and create the company. Starting from a vision, Labware designed, produced and began to sell its products – first on the domestic market, then internationally.

We have developed our insight and employed our skills in the hospitality and retail sector, building a solid international reputation as a highly specialized partner in technology able to deliver innovative solutions with high added value for our clients.
Hospitality and retail operators around the world choose Labware products for their reliability and quality, as well as the efficiency of our solutions that integrate perfectly into their workflow management systems.

Hospitality is all about offering people the best experience, to spoil them.
We enable our customers to be ready to fulfil – indeed exceed – their guests’ expectations through smooth, efficient service.

Mr. Pino Guerrieri /

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