Koga B.V.
Postbus 167 8445 PD Heerenveen Netherlands
Phone: +31 513 630111
Fax: +31 513 633289

Koga, or the art of cycle making

Since 1974 Koga has been building exceptional bicycles. Innovative in their development, of high absolute quality, visually appealing and always individually built by a single technician for the customer. Koga’s customers, dealers and staff across the world share a single great passion: cycling.

At Koga, everything revolves around impeccable quality, robustness and durability. With this in mind we work exclusively with first-class suppliers and partners when it comes to the development and application of new components, technologies or materials.

In our own in-house testing laboratory parts are tested to the very limits both separately, in combination and as complete bikes. The standards they must meet are set by the current regulations, although in most cases this vastly exceeds conditions which are likely to be encountered in real life.

Koga’s overarching design philosophy is that design must be functional. We integrate parts and components when it makes sense to do so: for cleaner visuals or for weight reduction. Styling and colour selection pay an important role, helping achieve a design typical of Koga: unique and exclusive.

Koga is recognised and respected in the industry for its strong innovative impulse. We have earned this renown by working with our first-class suppliers and business partners around the world. Koga strives for perfection: through the application of new materials and components, and via the development of trailblazing innovations. For example, the most innovative online cycle configurator: Koga Signature: www.koga-signature.com


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