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In 2008, the architect and multi-entrepreneur, Frantz Longhi, takes over the ownership of the nearly 150 year old ceramics company. This turns out to be the start of a modern fairytale about what may be considered as Scandinavia’s most innovative design – and culinary brand, Kähler Design. Today, the Danish ceramics brand comprises almost 400 different design items, 4 restaurants, 1 flagship store and an immense amount of love for Nordic design and the Nordic cuisine. Both the ceramic designs and the restaurants share the same passion for the Kähler history and traditions as they welcome everyone into this modern and sensuous tale.

The actual birth of Kähler already took place in the year 1839 when the Holstein potter, Herman J. Kähler, opened a small ceramics workshop in Kindhestegade in Næstved. However, the ceramic adventure first gained speed when his son, Herman A. Kähler, took over the workshop in 1875. Kähler was popular and now produced internationally acclaimed ceramics, and this laid the groundwork for one of the greatest successes in Danish ceramics history. Today, early Kähler items are bought at high prices at design auctions all over the world, while the more recent items are exhibited at internationally esteemed shows. 100 years ago, renowned artists like Thorvald Bindesbøll, Svend Hammershøj and Kai Nielsen explored, challenged and moulded the amazing ceramics at Kähler. Today, we see Louise Hindsgavl, Michael Gertsen and Jeanette List Amstrup passing on the tradition – with the ambition to bring art to the people. Kähler aspires to be the most innovative Scandinavian ceramics brand that makes the consumers’ dreams about Nordic design and Nordic cuisine come true.

Today, Kähler’s designs are based on ancient ceramic traditions interpreted in a contemporary perspective. This is a deliberate choice and a way of always keeping in tune with the ceramic history and staying true to the brand. We choose to collaborate with ceramic artists with various backgrounds, and this means that Kähler design items may differ from each other in terms of expression, shape, function etc. This diversity creates the very distinct feature of Kähler designs, as each of the ceramic artists have their own approach to how an item should be treated and moulded, and what expression it should have. Common for all Kähler designs are the intriguing and fascinating shapes and colours, and the company’s unique ability to explore and challenge the ceramic material.

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