Shengtai Brassware Co., Ltd.
No. 99 Sec. 3 Chang Tsao Rd. Ho Me Chen 50841 Chang Hua Taiwan
Phone: +886-4-7629971
Fax: +886-4-7526980

Shengtai Brassware Corporation (ST) was established back in 1976, by an ambitious and energetic management team. The strategy at that time was to provide a developing and manufacturing service for customers who demanded excellent design and consistently reliable quality. ST has been continuously developed over the past 37 years, in order to meet the dual requirements of aggressive market growth and a strategy of globalization. A significant investment in a Thailand production facility has enabled ST to move to the global forefront of brassware design and supply for bathrooms.

Shengtai Brassware Co. Ltd. started out by specializing in the development and manufacture of bathroom fittings and related professional products. Later, ST focused on the design and production of a wider expanse of bathroom products, establishing its own brand, “JUSTIME”. The JUSTIME brand has attracted major awareness on the international stage, with a reputation for combining high quality with aesthetics from oriental and western cultures. JUSTIME has received honors not only from within Taiwan, but also via international design awards, such as the Red Dot, iF, Chicago Good Design Award, Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, IDEA and so on. The brand new, fresh designs not only create a fashionable bathing space: they also lead the way in bathroom products of the future.

JUSTIME proposes fine designs and attracts buyers who are looking for unique and novel bathroom ware, with one foot in the present and one foot in the future.

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