JP - inspiring knowledge
Rua da Guarda, 675 4455-466 Perafita Matosinhos Portugal
Phone: +351 22 999 39 99
Fax: +351 22 999 39 39

Founded in March 1989, JP – inspiring knowledge is dedicated to the design, development and distribution of Technological Solutions, and leader of a global reference initiative pioneering ICT-based Education. JP – inspiring knowledge manufactures high-quality computer equipment, like the leading brands in Portugal, Tsunami and mgseries, and strives for the strength, competitiveness, innovation and quality of their products.

To deliver purpose-built solutions for Education through ICT products and services that foster human development.
At JP – inspiring knowledge we build custom products and services that are specific to each educational context, and we have developed a network of key global players with vast experience in ICT and Education. We cooperate with local partners that develop commercial relations with their countries and stakeholders, strengthening our connection with international markets.
We are working to bridge the digital divide in Education between and within countries, allowing each country to provide equal access to the best available pedagogical tools. It is our objective to assure that children develop successfully and leapfrog into the new global society. Ultimately, Education is a solid, ongoing and long-term investment that offers a better future for all children.

Our initiatives allow the development of a Global Technology Plan to provide countries with broadband connectivity, computer literacy for the population, and computers for different needs, like small businesses, entrepreneurs, teachers, students and academics.

Based on existing agreements and projects running, JP – inspiring knowledge is the world largest OEM deploying Intel® Classmate student devices. We are currently operating in more than 70 countries directly or through partners, and have delivered over 6 million student devices worldwide.

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