JOOZY vonLutter GmbH
Heimhuder Straße 56 20148 Hamburg Germany

We live here and now in a world full of surprises. One could assume that everything has already been said, conceived and done. The effort needed to create an innovation under these circumstances becomes increasingly desperate. Today, many products are sold as a solution to problems that we don’t actually have. That’s not what we want. We search for real problems and then look for workable solutions.

One of our first solutions is JOOZY, the citrus juicer fixed to the wall. Thinking outside the box, makes exhausting pressing with the hand much easier. We hope you enjoy using it. Meanwhile, we are already working on something else, which should make life a little easier for all of us … Wait and see!

James Dyson says “If you want to create something new, you have to go against the norm,” .

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