iWhale Ltd.
38 Grimthorpe House Percival Street EC1V 0BS London United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7894209367

iWhale ltd. is a UK- based company located at the Clerkenwell in Greater London which is the UK's most flourishing design community as a leading voice in the design world. It has the world's leading technology in the ultrasonic atomisation with the ultra-low-power efficiency. iWhale ltd. is aiming to provide users with high quality and uniquely designed mobile technological products. iWhale ltd. creates and develops the world’s most unique designs in the ultrasonic atomising diffuser technology. Its unique hardware design is inspired by the action of a whale coming up to the surface of the sea from the deep ocean for respiration.

Shakespeare once said “when we still cannot afford to buy happy time we shouldn't walk extremely and leave a showroom too near, stare at happiness to appear lost in thought”. However, our goals are creating an environment where our customers can achieve happiness in an affordable manner. Our brand’s spirit is ‘Retaining youth until eternity’, which aims to carry out and solidify one’s dream and desire of being young and happy forever. The product’s simple outward design is in line with the brand spirit to reflect a wonderful life style in the ocean blueprint to the customers.

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