Irsap Group
Phone: 0039 0425 466611

IRSAP Group is one of the Italian leating groups in the European heating and air-conditioning sector.

The Group has 4 productive units: 3, dedicated to radiators, are located in Arquà Polesine (Rovigo), Cluj Napoca (Rumania) and Beijing (China); one, dedicated to air-conditioners, is in Codroipo (Udine).
There are three sales offices in Europe: France (Lyons), Spain (Barcelona) and Germany (Balingen).

The Group has always focused on translating its heritage of knowledge and experience into the design of innovative products for climate control systems, and as a result has now become one of the most widely known group working in the sector.
Obtaining the fullest economic and strategic value from its business units and brands carefully constructed over the years has brought the Group a strong and instantly recognizable image of technology, innovation, and reliability.

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