IDEAS DESIGN co., Ltd. Beijing
KejiZonghe Bldg A12 302,No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road 100015 Beijing

IDEAS DESIGN Co., Ltd. Beijing is a leading design agency in China which is a national high-tech enterprise recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Science. IDEAS supplies product planning, industrial design, image design, branding promotion etc. series services. Since its establishment, IDEAS has accumulated more than a thousand pieces of successful product design, which includes a number of international brands like Founder, Lenovo, Motorola, i-mate, China Petroleum etc., IDEAS is the also design supplier of Microsoft‘s MSN, BMW China, Huawei, Audi China certification and maintains long-term cooperative relations with them. IDEAS has received more than 10 national design awards and reported by By CCTV, Beijing TV,, «Chinese famous brand»of Xinhua News Agency, «stuff»of the United States etc. other 10 important medias, has a wide influence in design industry.

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