GT Telecom

GT Telecom was established on February 2002 and is dedicated to developing mobile phones.
The whole members of GT Telecom are striving to develop good technologies and create excellent products under the business philosophy of "Contribute to our communities with great technology and excellent products".

GT Telecom is powered by members of professional brains with accumulated experience and know-how in developing mobile phones and wired phone for hardware and software.

As a best partner of Samsung Electronics, GT Telecom has developed a number of best-selling mobile phones to Samsung. Even at present, GT Telecom is developing numerous mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets including CDMA and GSM for Samsung. And, we have awarded the best partner prize from Samsung, due to excellent technologies and professional partnership. We will continue to serve cutting-edge technologies and services what customers really want and will be a reliable and trustworthy enterprises at all times.

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