Gnutti Transfer
Via Ghidoni, 187 25035 Ospitaletto (BS) Italy
Phone: +39 030360061

Gnutti Transfer

Established in 1955 as the service workshop of Trafilerie Carlo Gnutti, the Italian company Gnutti Transfer soon started manufacturing automatic lathes for the production of fittings to finally focus on that of transfer machines. Gnutti Transfer was among the first companies to apply – in the mid-Seventies – advanced technological solutions based on electronics, thus revolutionizing the current concept of transfer machines, and to integrate new modularity concepts. Thanks to the continuous technological improvements aimed at increasing the performance and reliability of its machines, Gnutti Transfer also entered the automotive sector counting General Motors among its clients, soon followed by other major European industries.
In order to assure proper sales and service assistance, Gnutti Transfer founded local branches in North America and China which can provide spare parts and technical assistance.

Nowadays Gnutti Transfer manufactures:

– Transfer machines: 2 or 3-way transfer machines with horizontal or vertical turret axes;
– Flexible machines: up to 6-way flexible transfer machines with horizontal or vertical turret axes;
– Multispindle transfer machines or bar machines: multi-station turning machines for automatic machining of static bar components;
– Modular center transfer machines: multi-process and multiaxis flexible machining centers;
– Lean transfer machines: ‘piccola’ is the latest transfer machine combining outstanding flexibility and high productivity thanks to its up to 22 upper, 12 radial and 22 lower units. The production system comprises the whole machining cycle without any intermediate buffer nor production queue; machining processes, quality control and monitoring functions can be performed on the same machine and in any workstation to provide a complete production solution. Its modular design allows any reconfiguration upon request. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art CNC and user friendly interface and maintenance instructions. Last but not least, it incorporates innovative energy saving solutions; its output is excellent in relation to the space occupied. Piccola is recommended for electric and electronic, automotive, hydraulic and medical applications as well as in the production of fittings, watches, locks and glasses.

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