FURNIKO Office Furniture http://www.furniko.pl
Phone: 00483432221

FURNIKO company was established in October 1990 as a private enterprise with Polish capital. We specialize in modern and functional office furniture. FURNIKO belongs to Polish leading office furniture manufacturers. Years of experience, investments in advanced machinery, highly qualified staff and quality management under ISO 9001-2008 standards, guarantee high quality of FURNIKO furniture. Office furniture are a vital part of the work environment. We aim for holistic solutions designed to improve and shape a modern office space. We notice every change in modern offices and we develop our products in terms of functionality, design, ergonomics and acoustics. We constantly improve our production processes, we invest in our infrastructure and experience of our staff to provide our customers with highest quality furniture and services. We focus on building long-term, partnership relations on with our customers. We develop three major distribution channels: authorised distributors and our trade offices, framework contracts with corporate customers and export. We export our furniture to United Kingdom, France, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Iceland, United Arab Emirates and Aruba. Expositions with our furniture are on display at FURNIKO trade office in Warsaw and London.

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