ESS stands for Easy Sanitary Solutions, and is at the same time the best and most appropriate statement describing our products. Simple, practical and advantageous for installation specialists and end-users, in the very best quality with an attractive and modern design. As a family owned company we have been designing, developing and producing sanitary solutions since 1928.

Innovation power
Innovation is the soul of the company. ESS is constantly changing the world of sanitary with new ideas and solutions that add more comfort and ease of installation to the bathroom. Out-of-the-box thinking and intensive market contact enables ESS to innovate. Thanks to this innovation power customers all over the world know to find ESS.

Exclusive design
ESS has a passion for design. Therefore, we design all our products ourselves, with love for details. This way we give all our products the exclusive Dutch design, which we are so proud of. ESS products are renowned worldwide for their exquisite design and have been awarded several international design and innovation awards.

Easy Sanitary Solutions stands for:
*  Innovative and trendsetting bathroom solutions
*  High-quality ‘Made in Germany’ quality
*  Exclusive and internationally acknowledged ‘Dutch design’
*  Over 80 years knowledge and experience in sanitary

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