Bolshaya Monetnaya, 27, lit A, 12H 197101 St.-Petersburg Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 600-25-26

Endo Stars LLC is a leading Russian supplier of the endoscopic equipment and accessories.

The Company’s started in 2008 with signing exclusive distribution contract for the Russian Federation with a leading German manufacturer of flexible endoscopic devices – Endo-Flex GmbH.

At this time, Endo Stars cooperates with many leading manufacturers from Europe, USA and Asia under exclusive distribution agreements for Russian Federation and some other countries of the Customs Union. Company’s portfolio contains various innovative devices supplied by leading international manufacturers with no analogues available on the Russian market.

In 2013 Endo Stars moved into its own office/multi use space in the Petrogradskaya District of St. Petersburg. The property has been turned into a dedicated office and light manufacturing facility.  In the same year the Company obtained license for medical equipment manufacture and repair.

Endo Stars has been conducting regular training sessions, 8-9 annually, since 2014.  The goal has been to educate Russian Endoscopic community in contemporary methods of modern flexible Endoscopy and to popularize devices and equipment offered by Endo Stars and its partners.

In 2015 Endo Stars acquired additional space in the same building which has been fashioned into a highly sophisticated training facility which can conduct procedures on animal models at 4 to 8 stations at the same time.
Endo Stars involves leading International (Japan, Germany, Belgium, etc.) and Russian experts who conduct hands-on training and deliver lectures on most advanced topics in flexible Endoscopy. The attendees of the training sessions receive a State Certificate for 16 units of post-graduate training counted towards 250 units required for professional recertification every 5 years.

In 2016 Endo Stars, jointly with international partners, launched local manufacturing of endoscopic accessories under its own brand, including endoscopic transportation carts, flexible forceps, graspers and clip applicators, and plans to add to this list some endoscope processing equipment and stents.

The goal of this program is to increase local content to at least 51% to meet the State mandated target  for product localization.

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