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IT products have become ubiquitous in our world. Desktops, laptops, and tablet computers are in every home and office. But as these vital technologies have evolved and proliferated they have brought with them new risks. Among them are occupational injuries caused by repetitive stress. Over time, one may suffer vision loss, stiff neck, back pain, wrist and elbow injuries and even deformation of the spine. These injuries affect the operator’s quality of life and will have a deleterious effect on productivity. Eastern Global Corporation was established in early 2006 to put an end to the discomfort and injuries associated with poorly designed non-adjustable office equipment.
Most office workers spend a minimum of eight hours a day at their desk or cubicle. At Eastern Global our goal is to improve your productivity, organization and comfort level by providing elegant, yet simplistic ergonomic equipment.
Protecting the environment is also an important part of our mission. All of our products are made from environmentally-friendly materials that conform to the European Union's RoHS environmental directive. As members of the earth, we must strive to fulfill our responsibilities as good corporate citizens seeking to make a meaningful contribution to protect the planet.
Establishment Background
Our company belongs to the ergonomic industry, combining IT techniques, developing peripheral products, such as PC, NB, Tablet and TFT-LCD etc.
Our goal is to reduce users’ occupational injuries which can be caused by long-term use of the computer, such as sore elbows, sprained wrists, sore waist, shoulder ache, sore neck and eyesight issues.
Create a more comfortable, user-friendly office and living environment.
Our Vision
Our vision is to become the most outstanding R & D and manufacturing services provider in the ergonomics industry, and to enhance the experience of IT product users.
Create win-win situation: working with our cooperative companies and our customers to build a competitive, industry-leading team and provide our clients the best service.
Core corporate Values: lnnovation, Environmental Protection,Quality,Health,Sustainable Development.
Design Concept
User-friendly facilities (technology always comes from human nature) , Simplicity , Friendly , Easy to use , Reasonable Price , Speed after sale service , Meet Green-Eco-Trend

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