DWT Elghansa GmbH
Friedrichstr. 95 10117 Berlin Germany
Phone: +49 30 2061 9743
Fax: +49 30 2061 9601

«DWT Elghansa GmbH» is a non-public private company with headquarters in Berlin, Germany that manufactures the products under the word trademark «Elghansa».
«DWT Elghansa GmbH» distributes its products only and solely via the network of local dealers. A local dealer is an authorized agent of «DWT Elghansa GmbH» on a designated area who can independently determine the promotion policy of «Elghansa» products on the local market including development of its own retail chain, creation of an online-store or a web-site, taking part in trade fairs, etc.
«DWT Elghansa GmbH» shall contact only with legal entities that correspond to the key criteria of a trading partner. «DWT Elghansa GmbH» shall not carry out retail trade of its products and shall not enter into correspondence with individuals.

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