DRAKOULAKIS SA http://www.drakoulakis.gr

D. Drakoulakis AVETE is an incorporated company with a successful, 40-year course, in the creation of catering facilities. With 120 employees and over 10.000 clients worldwide, D. Drakoulakis is in the business of designing, engineering, building and outfitting user-friendly dining and catering areas. D. Drakoulakis has been entrusted both with the image and functionality of their facilities by bakeries and confectionery shops, café-bars, hotels, restaurants and cruise ships; all are among the most successful in their sectors. D. Drakoulakis undertakes all aspects relating to the creation of such facilities, from initial design to delivery, always proposing the optimal solution for any potential requirement. By observing the strictest European quality standards, D. Drakoulakis realizes all its projects within a comprehensive client-satisfaction framework. The company operates a vertical production plant in modern, privately-owned facilities occupying an area of 15,500 sq. rn. 

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