Deff Corporation
1303 Soshio Tower. 1-4-14 Minami-senba Cyuo-ku 542-0081 Osaka Japan
Phone: +81(6)4963-2037

In recent years, the needs of users
is complicated diversified, among which is called the recession, the
market has been full of “things”.
Than the originality and quality, products such as if the “cheap” and
“profit” is priority has flooded the market but sell products is a
Under such circumstances, we will continue to pursue the “manufacturing of attention.”
A “manufacturer” that provides attitude should have originally thought to first really useful product to the user will continue to enrich the lives of users of everyone stuck to the original is not the imitation
we will realize “manufacturing”.
Name derived from the Deff (Difu) is “Design evolution for the future.” in the “originality of high ideas” and “evolutionary design”, and suggestions of lifestyle that was in the era to put the feeling that you want to create the future We founded Te.
User is changed by realistic environment that utilizes adding beauty and functionality to design considering the “ease of use” and “the best material”
even without spoken we aim to brand the product is supported by the user.

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