DAHU Sports Company Ltd. http://www.dahusports.com

The story of DAHU Sports Company Ltd has started
while Nicolas Frey, its founder, couldn’t find ski boots in which his
girlfriend wasn’t having sore feet, even after trying high-end boots
injected and molded to her feet. Disappointed not to find the right
product in shops, he decided at the end of the winter 2009 to completely
rethink the construction of this object which, according to him,
weren’t answering current needs any more. He then started designing the
first prototypes on paper before tinkering with them in his garage. The
DAHU is a wild mythological creature that lives in the mountains that
has legs that are shorter on one side than on the other.
Of course,
the DAHU doesn’t exist but its legend is well documented in the Swiss
Alps, especially among people from the mountains who make fun of urban people who get trapped in “Dahus’ hunts”.
choice for the name “DAHU” appeared as an obvious one as, like its counterpart
with 4 legs (including 2 shorter ones), the DAHU boot is particularly well
adapted to its natural environment, the foot.

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