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CLOSCA ™ is form with a team made up of young, insatiable travelers, passionate about cycling, and we live in respect of our environment. We look for anything that helps improve the quality of life within the city. This is how CLOSCA started up. With time and a lot of work it has evolved into becoming an innovative, functional helmet with a unique design.

However, in order for all of this to now become a reality, we have had to pedal along a path both long and full of illusions. Materials, financing, product testing and releasing CLOSCA into the market. All of this , for us ,an unknown universe and also a great challenge. Regardless, we plunged ahead. First came the Kickstarter funding campaign, and not only did we receive the support needed to start the project, but we also received very good reviews in the media. Without a shadow of doubt, an injection of energy that has recharged our batteries to undertake this new journey by bike. The most exciting one of all.

CLOSCA ™ is an innovative and totally different helmet. In addition to safety, it also provides design and versatility. This helmet revolutionizes the concept of protection for urban cyclists as we have known it up until today. It is a clear commitment towards the functionality of mobility. It is an attempt at facilitating the decision to use a helmet, giving solutions to two issues that city cyclists are often concerned about:

Where do I put my helmet once I park my bike?

Why wear a sports helmet if that is not my style?

CLOSCA ™ offers a foldable and lightweight helmet. Its design also incorporates interchangeable covers that can be personalized. As we travel by bike, not only will we be safe, but also the helmet will complement our personal style, becoming more fully integrated into our outfit. The perennial problem of what to do with it when we get off the bike will be over. You just have to fold it and store it away in your backpack, messenger bag or tote bag.

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