chungho nais

ChungHo Nais is one of the most reliable names in Korea, in the field of health-related home appliance. From the incorporation of the company,
we have been dreaming of well-being society free from various pollutions, where human may be able to drink pure water, breath fresh air and
thus enjoy desirable clean and healthy life.

We are manufacturing water purifier, air purifier, bidet and softener etc. mainly focusing on water and air cleaning appliance.
There is no doubt that clean water and fresh air are indispensable and the most critical requisites for healthful and comfortable human life circumstances.
We are proud of our devotion to society through production of those environment betterment products.

Positive and incessant investment in R&D on health issues has enabled us to develop unique and invaluable technology and to take the leading role
in the business of health care and environment. Customer’s satisfaction and health maintenance are only the rewards we are looking forward to. We
have presented world-first water purifier, which serves hot, cold, ambient and ice as well. Our customer reaction and appreciations on our new products
are far more than expectation.

ChungHo Nais keeps the best efforts to develop new technology and promise to abide by our customers with the best and reliable product.
We will pursue to be a world best manufacturer and will be one of the global leaders. We welcome you to join us and propose you to keep serving the better
world with environmental health care appliances and equipment.

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