Cell-Fast Sp. z o.o.
Grabskiego 31 37-450 Stalowa Wola Poland

Cellfast Group is one of the leading processing companies of plastics in Poland, as well as a leading manufacturer of hoses, garden accessories, gutter systems and soffits in this part of Europe, based on the Polish capital in 100%. Cellfast is the unquestionable leader on the domestic market and an important exporter to many countries in Europe and the world.

Over the years the Group has invested significant resources into a modern machine park, new technologies, but primarily in human capital. Today the conducted activities provide us with financial security and enable us to successfully operate on the domestic and foreign market, offering highest quality products, at the same time maintaining competitive prices. Another filed, in which we try to keep pace with the best manufacturers in our branch is design.

For several years now we have been contributing to the team of Cellfast Design Group, who designs and provides supervision over the works within the scope of design of our products. The results of our works have
already been reflected in specific achievements – in 2015 we have been awarded with one of the most prestigious world awards within the scope of industrial design – Red Dot Award.

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