Cardo Systems, Inc.
100 High Tower Blvd. 15205 Pittsburgh USA

The World’s First Communication and Entertainment System Custom Made for Cyclists!

Whether riding alone or in a group, through mountains or on roads, cyclists are generally at a disadvantage in all aspects of communication. Answering incoming mobile calls, talking to fellow cyclists or even just listening to stereo music, they all require cyclists to compromise safety or convenience and in most cases, both.

In autumn 2011, Cardo launched the cardo BK-1, a high-end system designed to introduce modern communication to the bicycle world for cyclists of all segments.

With the BK-1 up to 3 cyclists can converse simultaneously in full conference mode (full duplex) up to a maximum range of 500m. In addition, each cyclist can also communicate separately with 4 additional cyclists via the Intercom Toggling feature.

With the built-in Click-to-Link ® feature, cyclists can also – without prior pairing – initiate additional spontaneous intercom calls with other cardo BK-1 users nearby.

Its advanced Bluetooth technology allows cyclists to connect their Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, GPS and MP3 player and enjoy their favorite tunes without being encumbered by dangling wires.

The cardo BK-1 was designed to offer cyclists an optimal synthesis of user-friendly functionality, safety and stylish appearance. To assure a safe cycling experience, the BK-1 can be operated via voice commands, allowing cyclists to keep their hands on the handlebars at all times.
The cardo BK-1 speakers and microphone are unique, carefully developed and designed to assure excellent audio, maximum comfort and safety. With ‘hovering’ speakers that do not touch the ears, the cardo BK-1 audio kit means cyclists can remain aware of surrounding sounds and ambient noise such as traffic.

The sleek, aerodynamic and lightweight design is clearly noticed when handling the control unit. The cardo BK-1 weighs less than 50 grams and fits virtually all helmet designs.

The BK-1 is waterproof and dustproof and therefore suitable for all types of weather and road conditions.
Whether used for communication, for entertainment or both, the cardo BK-1 truly empowers cyclists and enhances their riding experience like never before.

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