cap. GmbH

We joined forces in Hamburg in 1997 – Freimut Stehling and Helga Schwert, two people in their mid-fourties starting out as fresh-faced entrepreneurs… ahead of us awaited all the excitement of founding our own business. No-one knew us…Now we know how to adopt new approaches, how to be bold and thus how to maintain the esteem and value we have for being and working together without losing sight of our goal.We know our strengths in developing, producing and marketing our products. Initially we became the ‘kitchen fine-tuners’, and established ourselves with the help of our drawer organiser and kitchen accessories. Then came accessories for the living, bathroom and office furniture and for dressing. We have found cooperative and design-oriented partners from among the large globally-active manufacturers; partners who prize our work, and prefer the label ‘made in Germany’.We are going in the right direction and are now recognised and accepted – as shown, for example, by the awards our products have won in international design competitions. Our team and our employees work in a healthy atmosphere of cooperation, incorporated in our collective responsibility to sometimes make even the impossible possible, personally and at short notice.Visit us on-line or in person; we will be very pleased to see you…

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