BWT water + more GmbH

Just as you have to understand humans to know their needs, you have to understand water to design it.

The Best Water Technology Group (BWT) is Europe‘s leading water technology company. Almost everywhere, when it comes to water, BWT’s trend-setting, economical and ecological products are used for the treatment of drinking water, mineral water and ultrapure water for the pharmaceutical industry; water for swimming pools; heating and process water; boiler and cooling water; water for air-conditioning. BWT has evolved into a technology and market leader in Europe, thanks to wide-ranging innova¬tions that guarantee maximum safety, hygiene and health in our daily use of water – precious elixir of life. Figuring among these innovations are: SEPTRON®, the world’s first electrodeionisation module (EDI) with spiral wrap; the MDA-method (manganese oxide activation) for effective manganese removal; AQA total bipolar technology, for chemical-free limescale protection; SANISAL – the world’s first regeneration salt for water softening systems, which also works as a disinfectant; and the new, revolutionary Mg2+ technology that improves the taste of filtered water, coffee and tea.

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