BW Bielefelder Werkstätten
Potsdamer Str. 180 33719 Bielefeld Deutschland

We are manufacturers in the traditional sense – and that‘s precisely how we want it. This principle, after all, means that our furniture is fashioned exclusively by highly-qualified craftsmen: step by step, using traditional knowledge handed down through the generations and with great devotion to detail. In the process, we take all the time that is necessary to fashion each and every piece of furniture with artisan perfection. It takes a multiplicity of individual production steps for our experts to shape the designs until they fit optimally, to harmonise the fabric orientation perfectly and to fasten the custom-sewn fabric precisely with hundreds of tiny nails. This venerable form of craftsmanship results in fascinating products whose value our customers truly appreciate, often from generation to generation.The passion for care and attention at all stages of this work produces results that are tangible for the senses: finely-modelled shapes and well-balanced proportions, precision down to the last detail. One sees it, feels it and loves it.

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