Giovanni Botta opened his goldsmith’s store in the centre of Milan in the early 1960s, and over the years made a name for himself through the quality and the style of his creations.His son Nicola, having become enamoured with this world that makes aesthetic sensitivity its most precious asset, took over the business in the nineties. He opened his new store at no. 2 Corso Magenta at the start of the 21st century. Today he continues his business in his jewellery store and now, just as it was then, all of his creations are handcrafted using only the most precious of metals and selected stones.
The pieces of jewellery by Nicola Botta are expressions of the wearer’s personality. Wearing them means making a statement about oneself and creating an image and an identity that are unique.It is for this reason that Nicola carefully selects the materials used for the creation of his jewellery pieces that have a breathtaking style and quality, through the use of only precious metals and sought-after stones. Every piece is entirely handcrafted in his Milan workshop, from the idea through to the development of the collection and the adding of that finishing touch to every single item. All the different stages of the manufacturing process are scrutinised down to the most minute detail and every piece comes with its own certificate of warranty. The precious metals used, from white to pink gold – hallmarked 750 (750 parts per 1000), to platinum – hallmarked 950 (950 parts per thousand), are punched with the factory mark MI716. All the creations are protected by copyright.

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