Wekerom is a small Dutch village, surrounded by nature. Here, the BERG story begins. It’s the story of how a hobby developed into an international enterprise. After a lot of sawing, welding and painting, the first go-kart was built in a barn. Today, 29 years later, BERG products are finding their way to over 60 countries around the world! BERG considers these as their core values;

– Sustainable; Pure play pleasure is timeless and helps children open up new horizons. We make sustainable products that require little maintenance. In fact, a BERG will last for generations!

– Safe; A carefree and safe outdoor playing environment – that is our starting point. BERG Products are robust,
of guaranteed quality, extensively tested, and absolutely safe.

– Exclusive design; Perfect functionality, cool Dutch design and flawless finishing – these are the requirements that every BERG product must meet. A BERG is exactly that – a BERG!

– Quality; Quality comes first! Only the best will do, always and for everyone! Thanks to its many years’ experience, BERG is able to deliver innovative quality products.
– Fun; Having fun outdoors! Whether you want to bounce up to the sky on a trampoline or go exploring on your pedal go-kart, BERG turns everything into an experience!
– Innovation; Craftsmanship, design and innovation are the ingredients that make BERG stand out in the market. It is therefore not without good reason that Research & Development has a prominent role in our organisation.

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