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We believe:
   We believe that I can design thoughts and feelings into the product, the product becomes "life". I believe that, by design, will let users use the product, and I feel more pleasant.
I like wood, in the next few years, I will focus on the design and development of timber products. The wood of the bell has a beautiful natural wood grain and texture beyond imagination, which is the reason I fell in love with wood. The wood grain, natural growth, each is different, I believe that through the design, we can generally control the direction of the wood grain, can be the most beautiful wood grain show through the product to the user, their own feelings of wood products passed to the user. I put my design materials largely limited to wood, bamboo, porcelain design. 2012 design work basically logs the main future will slowly involving bamboo and porcelain. I believe that their own design of the road has only just begun, I will go forward firm …>

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