Barani Design Technologies s.r.o.
Klincova 35 82108 Bratislava SLOVAKIA
Phone: +421 948 067 125

At BARANI DESIGN Technologies we manufacture innovative weather stations and meteorological sensors primarily for professional use where robustness and quality of measurement are essential. Signature products include the patented design of the helical radiation shield and elliptic anemometer.

We strive to make precise professional measurements affordable.

2018 will be the year of the MeteoHelix. MeteoHelix IoT Pro will be a professional micro-weather station based on our patented helical technology. This new product will be complemented by the release of a home micro-weather station, MeteoHelix IoT Home. Precise enough for the professional, easy to use for everyone.

BARANI DESIGN was founded in 2003 in Seattle, USA as an engineering consulting business. Over the course of five years notable projects included the design of successful Patinato DB4 and F1000 DBX formula race cars along with numerous aerospace projects. In 2017, BARANI DESIGN Technologies separated from BARANI DESIGN to focus exclusively on technology.

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