Automotive Research Testing Center
No.6, Lugong S.7th Rd., Changhua 50544, Taiwan 505 Changhua Taiwan

The Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) was established in 1990 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs together with the Ministry of Transportation and Communication, the Environmental Protection Administration and representatives of the enterprises based on the Automotive Industry Development Policy, which was approved by the Executive Yuan on March 15, 1985. Our objective is to be committed to the R&D of related technology, the improvement of product quality and internationally recognized testing and certification services, as well as assisting the government in stipulating and managing regulations and standards.Based on the beliefs in “Impartiality, Technology and Service”, ARTC is responsible for the integration of research resources and the upgrading of industrial technology throughout the entire nation. We are backed by a complete series of laboratories, a proving ground, testing technologies, experience in analysis, innovation capability in key components and systems, and joint efforts of the industrial, academic and research circles, so we can assist related companies with the development of potential and anticipated products. At the same time, inline with the need for internationalization, we have gradually built up a global certification network to promote excellent products to the world. ARTC is, therefore, a partner of government on safety and environmental issues; we also provide assistance in planning industrial policy.In response to demands for better safety, environment protection and electronic control, ARTC has constantly focused on innovative technology, and we hope to move on with industry to break through leading technologies under the counseling measures from the government. Under our quality policy of “complying with legislation, satisfying our customers, with all members participating and constantly improving”, we are committed to becoming “the pioneer of technical innovation & knowledge service for vehicle”.

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